Beat the Humidity in Your Storage Container!

The Spring and Fall are prime times of the year to do damage to the items that you’ve got stored in a used shipping container.  If you live in an area where they’re a dramatic shift between day and night time temperatures you’ll want to pay special attention to the items that you’ve got stored in your container, especially if they’re susceptible to water damage.

Improving Shipping and Storage Container Security

Putting a used shipping container to work as a storage unit is a great idea, and very affordable.  In many places around the country a used 20’ container will cost around $1500-$2500 and you can have it delivered and on your site in no time at all.  Once it’s onsite you can start loading it with your excess belongings, shop overflow, firewood, or anything else that you want to keep away from Mother Nature.  One thing that many people overlook, and is real