Shipping Container Shelving

Shelving installed on the inside of a shipping or storage container can help you organize your belongings better, and if done properly it won’t cost you and valuable space inside of the container. is now offering custom shelving brackets to help achieve this goal. They install quickly, and require no tools or specific skills.

Our shelving brackets hang on D rings inside of nearly every container and are able to support over 1,000lbs. Manufactured in the United States (Lancaster, PA), each bracket space for three shelves, is 60” tall, the shelves are 20” deep, and the bracket itself is made from 1.5” 1/8” steel tubing. To protect the steel from rust and corrosion, the bracket is finished off with a chemical treatment and an industrial coat of black gloss paint.

To install the shelving, simply unpack it from the shipping carton, slide the horizontal support bar into its sleeve on the bottom of the bracket, and hang the hook on one of the D rings located near the top of the container walls. Once the brackets are hanging on the wall, place your two 2x10 boards (not supplied) on the bracket arms. Once the boards are sitting levelly on the arms, you can begin loading the shelves with your tools, paint can, document boxes, or whatever else you would like to organize.

You can order a set of container shelving brackets here, and we’ll have them shipped out to you within 48 hours.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through this page, or call 307-222-9085.

Container Shelving Alternatives

Building a standing shelf is a good idea, however it will need to sit on the floor and you could lose some of the valuable 8’6” width of the container. Hanging shelves on the wall may seem like a good idea, but unfortunately there are limited ways to do this because the shipping container are steel, and thus can’t have brackets nailed into them.

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