April 2013

Open for Business!

ContainerLockBox.com is Open for Business! ContainerLockBox.com is officially open for business.  We're proud to be offering high quality, affordable lock boxes through our webstore and at container depots and other retail locations around the United States and Canada.  We also offer other related container parts and accessories.

As for the party, the launch party took place in the Mile High City, Denver Colorado, and was attended by container leasing, finance, and shipping line professionals.

Lock Box Factory

We received the first batch of lock boxes from the machine shop the other day, and unlike in the past when things "magically" arrived from China, this time we were able to pick them up directly at the shop here in Lancaster, PA.

The lock boxes are laser cut, assembled, sand blasted, and painted right here in Lancaster, PA. With the exception of the painting, all the process is completed by our Amish neighbors and they do an exceptional job!

Bolt on Lock Box


Our top selling primer painted lock box is covered with a powder coating primer to give it the most protection available. This primer and can be easily painted over to match the color of the container and provide a clean, strong security feature.

Lock Box - Yellow


Bolt on lock boxes for shipping containers are a great way to increase the security on a used shipping container. They install in under 15 minutes and provide strong protection against theft and damage.

Pad Lock


The popular Master Lock 1D 1-3/4 Inch Laminated Padlock fits nicekly inside of our bolt on lock box.