New Products for Spring 2014

Spring is just aorund the corner, and our guys have been very busy in the mill designing and making new products for the coming months.  If you're planning on starting a summer project based around shipping containers - now is the time to reach out to us.  In the coming days we'll begin accepting advance orders for the following items:

  • Shipping container shelving - custom designed, strong, and at a very affordable price!
  • Shipping container door frames - steel tube door frames that can be cut and welded into place quickly.
  • Shipping container window frames - just like the door frames, our window frames will be constructed of strong steel tubing built to withstand transporting an portable shed or office from place ot place.


As you can see, pretty soon we'll have all of the parts required to make your own portable office, shed, bunker, or portable storage unit.  Any advanced orders will be provided with a discount, and production should be ready in approximately 45 days.

We're also able to do custom millwork if you have a unique piece that's needed for your project, feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

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