Shipping Container Lock Boxes and Vent Dimensions produces high quality components for new and used shipping containers. All of the products that we produce are manufactured in the United States by highly skilled craftsman in south central Pennsylvania. Every part of the process, from the lazer cutting to the final powder coating is done with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Shipping Container Lock Boxes

All of the lock boxes on are produced by craftsman in the United States.and shipped from our facility in Lancaster, PA. The total dimensions of both components of the box are 7" x 11" x 2" and weighs approximately 12 lbs. The approximate dimensions of each componet are as follows:

bolt on lock box dimensions

bolt on lock box dimensions - back

bolt on lock box dimensions - depth

Shipping Container Vents

Larger than the factory equipped "breather" vents, our custom sized vents provide a greater amount of airflow and condensation/moisture management. The overall size of each vent is 12" x 12" square, and 6" deep.

container vent dimensions

container vent deimension - inside

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