Improving Shipping and Storage Container Security

Putting a used shipping container to work as a storage unit is a great idea, and very affordable.  In many places around the country a used 20’ container will cost around $1500-$2500 and you can have it delivered and on your site in no time at all.  Once it’s onsite you can start loading it with your excess belongings, shop overflow, firewood, or anything else that you want to keep away from Mother Nature.  One thing that many people overlook, and is real

New Design and Colors - Yellow and Maroon

We're fully restocked with our lock boxes, and ready to go! After talking with clients and or designer, we've made a few subtle changes to the lock box design and added two professionally painted colors.

Design change: We've updated the back of the lock box to use all carriage bolts. What's this mean to you? You don't need a third hand or extra long arms to reach around the door while tightening the bolts. Once the carriage bolt is seated you can crank it down tight, in less time.

Shipping Container Vents - Manage the Humidity and Moisture in Your Storage Unit

Just in time for summer, our new shipping container vents are coming out of the mill in the southern end of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania!

If you're looking for a great way to control the humidity, moisture, or condensation that builds up inside of your shipping container, storage unit, or trailer, these container vents are the best way to go.  They install quickly, and can either be bolted on or welded into place - depending on the equipment that you have available.