Improving Shipping and Storage Container Security

Putting a used shipping container to work as a storage unit is a great idea, and very affordable.  In many places around the country a used 20’ container will cost around $1500-$2500 and you can have it delivered and on your site in no time at all.  Once it’s onsite you can start loading it with your excess belongings, shop overflow, firewood, or anything else that you want to keep away from Mother Nature.  One thing that many people overlook, and is really easy to correct, is that most all used shipping containers don’t come equipped with a lock box.

What’s a Container Lock Box?

A lock box is a steel box that’s used to protect the lock from being tampered with.  It’s large enough to fit a lock inside of, but not much more.  The lock box helps to prevent the shank of the lock from being cut and the container to be broken into.  They can be bolted on, or welded on to the doors of the container in only a few minutes.  New shipping containers typically come equipped with a lock box, while used containers normally don’t have one.

How Do I Install a Lock Box?

If you plan on welding the lock box to the container, you’ll need a full welding set up.  We recommend using out bolt on lock box, so you’ll only need a drill and a wrench or socket set.  We include all of the required mounting hardware needed.  Full instructions can be found on this page.

How Do I Get a Container Lock Box?

You can purchase one of our lock boxes through the site, or you can find them at retail locations around the United States and Canada.  If you’re interested in becoming a retailer please contact us for more information.

All products are 100% manufactured in the United States, Lancaster County PA to be more precise.


Jane Fairfax's picture

This is an excellent idea. We are getting a storage container, and I find myself hoping they come with this feature. If not, we will have to ask if we can add it. I know the container should be safe on its own, but it is important to keep our things safe. Most of our lives are going into this thing, so it doesn't hurt to be cautious.

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