Beat the Humidity in Your Storage Container!

The Spring and Fall are prime times of the year to do damage to the items that you’ve got stored in a used shipping container.  If you live in an area where they’re a dramatic shift between day and night time temperatures you’ll want to pay special attention to the items that you’ve got stored in your container, especially if they’re susceptible to water damage.

As the  day and night time temperatures change, the air inside of a water tight shipping container is heated up, then gradually cooled down; only to be heated up again the next morning and repeat the cycle until the season changes.  Warm air tends to have more water molecules, so as it’s trapped inside of the container overnight, it will naturally release the water molecules to form condensation.  Think of wet dewy grass in the evening, or the moisture that forms on the outside of a can of your favorite beverage.

The way to beat this is to regulate the air inside of the container, and keep it to the same temperature, or close to it, as the outside air.  You can do this by investing in air conditioning units, leaving the doors open for a few hours, installing fans, or the method that we recommend – using container vents.

Container vents are a very cost effective way to allow enough airflow through your container to keep the humidity down, and any unwanted creatures out.  With simple cutting tools and welding equipment you can install a vent in a few minutes, and provide some basic climate protection for everything that you’ve got inside.

If you’ve got any questions about container vents, lock boxes, or other custom parts, feel free to give us a call or email at any time.  Even if you’re not buying through us, we’re happy to share any inside or experience that we have.

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