Wholesale Container Accessories - Spring Offer

Spring production is getting under way, and to kick off 2015 we're offering wholesale pricing on all bolt-on lock boxes, vents, and container shelving brackets. If you're container accessories and parts inventory is running low, now is the time to restock.

Bolt on Lock Boxes

Our popular bolt-on lock boxes provide additional security and protection for your lock, and can be installed in under 15 minutes. They're laser cut from heavy duty gauge steel, sand blasted, and given a powder coat of grey paint. Included with each lock box is a set of mounting hardware. Lock boxes, and all other products, are American made.

  Price Discount conntainer lock box
Retail Grey Lock Box $85 -
Retail Custom Paint $89 -
Wholesale Grey Lock Box (6x) $55 36%
Wholesale Custom Paint (10x) $61 31%

Container Vents

In climates where moisture and condensation can be a problem, in inexpensive and effective way to regulate the temperature is by installing container vents to provide extra ventalation. Adequate airflow regulates the temperature and reduces the impact of the hot/cold air cycles, allowing the chance of condensation to escape through the vents.

Vents require a little more effort to install in a shipping container, but it can be done with welding tools or a cutting torch. Simply cut a hole matching the dimensions of the vents, slide it into place, and screw or weld the sides to the container. We also recommend some type of sealant to prevent rain or snow from getting between the vent and container walls.

  Price Discount container vents
Retail Container Vents $70 -
Wholesale Container Vents (6x) $54 23%
Wholesale Custom Paint Vents (12x) $58 17%

Shelving Brackets

Shelving brackets are a new product that our shop designed in 2014, and they've proven to be popular with our online customers. The brackets require no tools to install, and hang from the D-rings inside of the container. A 2x8 or 2x10 board can then be placed on the arms for instant shelving.

  Price Discount container shelving
Retail Shelving Brackets - Pair $165 -
Wholesale Shelving Brackets - Pair(8x) $110 27%

How to Order

If you have any additional questions or would like to order, contact us at Sales@ContainerLockBox.com. If ordering, please include the product, number of units, and shipping location so that we can provide you with a total price and coupon code to use when ordering.

Shipping and Handling

Please contact us directly for shipping and handling quotes. Small orders are done by USPS, however for larger orders we will provide a custom quote to get you the best price.

Order Lead Time

All products are produced in Pennsylvania, and based on the product the lead time may vary. Lock boxes and vents require laser cutting, welding, sand blasting and painting, making the lead time around 45-60 days. Shelving orders can often be filled inside of 30 days. And since they're not coming from China, the time to market is dramatically shorter.

Custom Production

If you have custom container parts or components that you would like to have manufactured, please contact us to see what services we can provide. All phases of production are completed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by skilled craftsman.

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