20% Discount on ContainerLockBox.com

As a way of saying "Thanks for your business" ContainerAuction.com is offering 20% off any purchase through ContainerLockBox.com from now through February 28th, 2014.

What Do the Discount Apply Towards?

You can apply the 20% discount towards our bolt on lock boxes and container vents.  Purchase as many vents or lock boxes as you need, and the discount will apply towards the total purchase amount.

  • Container Lock Boxes: An excellent way to improve the security of a used shipping container.  They bolt on quickly and prevent potential thieves from accessing the lock and cutting the shank.
  • Container Vents: Increase the airflow through your container and reduce condensation build up.  Aftermarket vents provide more airflow than the standard breather vents, while keeping out insects and other pests.

How Do I Apply the Code?

To use the code, just add any items to your cart that you’ll need and proceed to the checkout.  When prompted, enter the code in the area highlighted in the picture and click “Add Coupon”.  Once the button is click the discount will automatically be deducted from the total amount of the products that you’ve purchased.

The coupon code is [contact us]

Still Have Questions?

Give us a call or text message at (307) 222-9085, or email us though the website on this page.



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