Shipping Container Vents - Manage the Humidity and Moisture in Your Storage Unit

Just in time for summer, our new shipping container vents are coming out of the mill in the southern end of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania!

If you're looking for a great way to control the humidity, moisture, or condensation that builds up inside of your shipping container, storage unit, or trailer, these container vents are the best way to go.  They install quickly, and can either be bolted on or welded into place - depending on the equipment that you have available.

Each of the lock boxes comes powder coated with a gray finish, and with a quick scuff you'll be ready to paint it to match your shipping container.

If you'd like our shop to provide you with a custom paint color, we're able to provide most RAL colors to match the paint jobs of most of the major shipping lines.

Order yours today, or contact one of our regional distributors to purchase one in your area.

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