New Design and Colors - Yellow and Maroon

We're fully restocked with our lock boxes, and ready to go! After talking with clients and or designer, we've made a few subtle changes to the lock box design and added two professionally painted colors.

Design change: We've updated the back of the lock box to use all carriage bolts. What's this mean to you? You don't need a third hand or extra long arms to reach around the door while tightening the bolts. Once the carriage bolt is seated you can crank it down tight, in less time.

New colors: Along with the standard primer gray, we've also added two new colors that are professionally painted in Lancaster, County PA. The "safety yellow" lock box calls attention to the extra protection from a distance, and lets potential thieves know they shouldn't even bother coming any closer. The maroon matches the color of many popular container lines such as Textainer, Blue Sky, and TAL. If you have a custom color that you need, let us know and with a little extra time and cost we'll have it done for you. Contact us for more details

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